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Uncle Floyd and Scott Gordon have been working together for 45 years.

Their personal and professional history has been intertwined for that entire time and their comedic connection and timing shows that.

They have performed in television, theaters, nightclubs, private events and radio constantly for the entire time.

“Uncle” Floyd Vivino—Your Host

Floyd "Uncle Floyd" Vivino was born into a theatrical, show business family in Paterson, New Jersey. In the late 60's, early 70's Floyd began working in the last remaining burlesque theaters as a 'baggy pants comedian'. In 1974 he produced and starred in his own TV show, "The Uncle Floyd Show" until 2001.

Throughout the years, Uncle Floyd has also hosted and produced various radio shows and has had appearances in TV and film. 

E-mail: Floyd doesn’t have email.

Scott Gordon—Chief Engineer and Bottle Washer

Scott Gordon is Uncle Floyd's engineer and producer. Among the many bullet points on his resume, Scott was a performer and writer for the "Uncle Floyd Show" and his entertainment business experience includes audio consultant, radio commercial writer and producer, radio air personality and TV entertainer.
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