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How to get your original music played on Garage sale music

The Listeners' Lounge is a place (and a chance) for our loyal listeners to show their stuff.

All you have to do to have one of your recorded performances considered for airing on GARAGE SALE MUSIC is to send us a 
physical recording of the performance with a lyric sheet (Profanity will NOT be aired). It can be a CD or a vinyl record (no emailed MP3, AAC, WAVE or other digital submissions will be considered).

Please remember to keep it to a standard broadcast length (2:00 to 3:59) and send it with full credit listing (composer, lyricist, writer, artist, etc), lyric sheet, and full contact information (your name, address, email, phone number).

PLEASE NOTE: If your recording is NOT original music, we require copies of the mechanical rights and permissions or your recording will not be aired.

Mail it to:  

GARAGE SALE MUSIC - The Listeners' Lounge
Post Office Box 791
Paramus, New Jersey 07653-0791

Phone: 201-670-0054


To contact us:

The Listenerís lounge