The Listeners' Lounge
The Listeners' Lounge is a place (and a chance) for our loyal listeners to show their

All you have to do to have one of your recorded performances considered for airing on
GARAGE SALE MUSIC is to send us a physical recording of the performance with a lyric
sheet (
Profanity will NOT be aired). It can be a CD or a vinyl record (no emailed MP3,
AAC, WAVE or other digital submissions will be considered
). Please remember to
keep it to a standard broadcast length (2:00 to 3:59) and send it with full credit listing
(composer, lyricist, writer, artist, etc), lyric sheet, and full contact information (your name,
address, email, phone number).

PLEASE NOTE: If your recording is NOT original music, we require copies of the
mechanical rights and permissions or your recording will not be aired.

Mail it to:
 GARAGE SALE MUSIC - The Listeners' Lounge
Post Office Box 791
Paramus, New Jersey 07653-0791

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